Monday, August 16, 2010

The Morning Star, Part II. To the East and West of Rabbi Joshua

The Morning Star

I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you..I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.

- Revelation 22:16

Part II. To the East and West of Rabbi Joshua

In the East, hen Byzantine civilization first started with the founding of Constantinople, a brand new world of the dead was formed that had none of the old ties to the ancient kingdoms of Greco-Roman Hades or the Jewish Sheol. All the old demons had been killed or chased away. Therefore, it was mostly the creative imagination of Rabbi Jesus and the early Jewish Saints that helped build the Eastern Kingdom of Heaven and not the Pagan gods of old. The result was an entirely new Christian Kingdom of God with almost no connection to the past, that was truly multi-racial and, in the end, much different than St. Peter’s Western Church with its Jewish (and Roman) roots. In time, language barriers between the East and the West eventually caused what most historians refer to as the Schism.

Theological differences notwithstanding, the major problem that caused this splitting of the Church was, of course, language. The dead in the East thought, wrote, and spoke in Greek telepathically, while the dead in the West communicated telepathically in Latin. This included two completely different types of alphabet as well. In short, the Latin alphabet that St. Peter eventually mastered, and took control over, was far different than the Greek text. Over the centuries, the Schism between the Eastern and Western Churches eventually caused two entirely different telepathic Communion of Saints to form. This wasn’t because there were now two different St. Peter’s, St. Paul’s, or St. Mary’s. It was because nature itself had slowly made copies of the missing Saints in both the East and the West, including Rabbi Jesus who ruled supreme in the Eastern Kingdom of Heaven from the time of Constantinople’s founding until its destruction by the Communists during the 1917 Russian Revolution. Obviously in the highest reaches of Heaven, Jesus and the Saints were probably the same individuals, able to speak every language fluently. However, for all practical purposes here on Earth, the ghosts (or souls) of the Saints had duplicated themselves, much like a single plant or animal cell will reproduce, or divide, itself without fertilization, resulting in two cells which are nearly identical. This organic process of replication and separation occurred very slowly between Eastern and Western Christianity.

Centuries later, there remained very little contact between the two kingdoms of the dead. This caused the East to grow up wild, completely oblivious to Western history and the essentially Jewish roots of Christianity. Besides for the Islamic threat which overwhelmed Byzantium in 1453, the Orthodox Kingdom of God existed continuously and in harmony with nature for many centuries. Suffice it to say, Eastern Christianity remained much like a magical storybook kingdom, which tended to diversify and create other, little storybook kingdoms like Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, or Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia, for example. Their people, the Slavs, although very intelligent and clever, were also very innocent, sometimes naive creatures. The differences between the East and the West are as follows:

Differences: Eastern Christendom --- Western Christendom
Borders: Stable borders with little Expansion --- Constantly expanding borders.
Civilization: Byzantium --- Western
Territory: Eastern Europe, Greece --- Western Europe, America, Australia Capitals: Constantinople, Moscow --- Rome, Madrid, London,
Priests: Marriage Allowed --- Marriage Prohibited
Sabbath Day: Saturday --- Sunday, Saturday